Welcome to Kakunodate, the small Kyoto of Tohoku

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Recommended menu

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Rice bowl topped with Hinai chicken and egg


Enjoy the Creamy, fluffy egg and a firm texture of Hinai chicken meat (Hinai chicken is one of the three most delicious chickens in Japan.)

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A set meal of Kiritanpo nabe


Kiritanpo is one of the most famous local foods in Akita and the soup has a rich flavor.Ingredients/ Hinai chicken, maitake mushroom, konjak noodles, fried tofu, green onion, burdock root, seri (Japanese parsley), Kiritanpo(rice)

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Tempura Inaniwa udon


Tempura (2 shrimps, white fish, sweet potato, pumpkin, eggplant etc.) , in the Japanese rich soup stock The soup is made with Japanese rich soup stock. The hot noodles have a different texture from the cold noodles.

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Inaniwa udon in Hinai chicken soup


Please eat the soup first. It has a very rich taste from many ingredients of Hinai chicken, Mitake mushroom, Shitake mushroom, fried tofu, Iwanori(dried seaweed)

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Hana Set


There are a variety of food in Japanese style food boxes called Jubako.

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A set meal of Kamo nabe (duck stew)


“Hinai Chicken Oyakodon (bowl of rice with chicken and egg)” Soft and juicy. Farm texture of Hinai chicken. Please enjoy the harmony of smooth soft-boiled eggs and flavor from Hinai Chicken, one of Japan’s three famous regional-bred chicken.


  • Every Friday

    We offer some Japanese cultural experiences.For example:

    How to wear a Kimono, Tea ceremony, Haiku writing, Biwa (Japanese instrument) lesson, etc.

    Free for the first 10 people who eat lunch at the restaurant.

    Every Friday/11:30〜13:00

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